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Gordzilla’s Blues Web Site is an independent enterprise whose objective is to promote and preserve the music of Blues. We hold in the highest regard the traditional independent philosophy of Blues music. Gordzilla’s Blues is not officially affiliated with any blues organization or endorse their particular agenda(s). However, we believe in supporting any organization which strives to promote blues. Individuals involved in Gordzilla’s Blues have experience in interviewing local and national blues artists, writing articles for blues publications, and volunteering in Blues organizations .

This web site is an "independent pursuit” to promote the Blues subject to constant analysis and updating of information. We encourage feedback and articles relating to the Blues from viewers for possible publication. This web site is  a “hobby, labor of love and experiment" ever evolving, changing, and finding new ground in promoting blues.

Gordzilla’s Blues attempts to focus on blues in the Greater Central Michigan area. Michigan has always been an excellent source for good old fashion blue-collar Blues especially from the Detroit area.  The music played in Michigan comes from the heart, resonates with genuine depth, and played with authority.

The use of a “Gordzilla” monster raises questions on how this character relates to the Blues. Actually, the answer is simple: it is a symbol of fiery determination and independence utilized to gather your attention. A little eccentric, but effective.  Blues is an independent music medium played with fire and passion reaching into the depth of musicians and listeners alike.

Our mission is to broaden awareness and understanding of blues music and to encourage and support live blues music. To do this Gordzilla’s Blues will:

Individuals submitting information and/or articles for possible dissemination on this web site are subject to the following:

Thank you for examining this web site. We hope you find the information and structure of this web site useful. 

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Gordzilla’s Blues will post information for Blues enthusiasts in the Greater Central Michigan area (and beyond):  festivals, news, articles, photographs, etc. Material or photographs may be utilized for private study, research, or scholarship with permission. Contents cannot be copied or used for commercial enterprises.