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2019 jazz festival poster flute

The 25th annual Lansing JazzFest took place on Thursday Night, August 1, Friday, August 2 and Saturday, August 3, 2019 in the streets of Old Town, surrounded by the best of the Capital City’s art galleries.  Its stages offered outstanding talent, from local favorites to regional and national acts, including many appearing for the first time in Lansing.
Roughly 5,000 people from across Michigan and nearby states  came for the music, food and craft vendors, expansive beverage tent, children’s activities and more!

Saturday, August 3, 2019 Events: (Not Limited To)

Turnaround Lounge  :  4:00-4:30 Botala    5:30-6:00  Set 2    7:30-8:00 Set 3    9:30-10:00 Set 4

UrbanBeat  (1213 Turner St. ) :2:30 – 3:30 HappenStance with Tony Viviano     5:30 – 6:30 Margherita Fava Euro Trio 7:30 – 8:30      Brazilian Bossa Duo     9:30 – 10:30 Margherita Fava Euro Trio (Afterglow Party)      11:00 – 1:30 am  Lawrence ‘Lo’ Leathers Tribute Jam

South Turner Street Stage :

3:00-3:45 JAMM Scholarship Band (Jazz Alliance of Mid-Michigan) 4:30-5:30  Moonduck 6:00-7:30   Andrew Speight   8:15-9:30  Gayelynn McKinney & McKinfolk 10:00-11:00  Tenth World featuring Kevin Bujo Jones & Kelvin Sholar 11:00-1:30am   Afterglow at UrbanBeat

ed fedewa

tony viviano

HappenStance, led by drummer Robert Warren, including Ed Fedewa on bass and featuring Tony Viviano on piano.

botala botala congo
Botala blends the sounds of traditional Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music with house and Afro Beat, including live percussion and looping.

jamm group

smalley of Jamm band
jamm band jamm band

The Jazz Alliance of Mid-Michigan, or JAMM for short, was formed in 2009 to explore possibilities for preserving and promoting live jazz in Mid-Michigan. As a part of JAMM’s mission, the organization awards a music scholarship annually to a deserving young jazz musician. The JAMM Scholarship Group is formed with past and present scholarship winners, and is led by local pro Doug Fritch, on guitar.


karen love

chess players

sheet music

Emcee Karen Love of WLNZ Radio from Lansing Community College, chess players, musician sheet music.


moon duck statin

eldon kelly


Multi-instrumentalist Rafael Statin (winds/saxes, bass flute, electronics/keys) joins percussionist Jesse Kramer and guitarist Elden Kelly in MOONDUCK a creative and far-reaching premier of the latest music by Gregg Hill.. Moonduck, the trio combines traditional and avant-garde jazz elements with electronics creating a journey through composition and narrative.”

fava bass player

margherita fava

fava drummer

Straight out ta Europe, Margherita Fava trio combines the elegance of Italian aesthetics and the swang of American jazz and blues tradition. The sound of these 3 bohemians will take you on a journey all the way from the Venetian canals to the cornfields of the Midwest: Margherita Fava, piano, Lucàs LaFave, bass, Guglielmo Crandelli, drums.

trumphet andrew speight

From his passion to incorporate traditional styles and contemporary concepts, Andrew Speight has been recognized as a “keeper of the flame” by many jazz legends. His ability to communicate musical ideals long stressed by Jazz Masters in both performance and scholarship make him a tour de force that receives much attention. As a saxophonist, his sound is instantly identifiable, and his engaging delivery of creative ideas makes for a stimulating experience.

This performance includes: Xavier Davis – Piano, David Rosen – Bass, Randy Gelispie – Percussion

dago schelin gomes

Brazilian Bossa Duo presents bossa nova classics, some conventionally played, and some atypically combined with cello. Dago Schelin, guitar and vocals, currently from Marburg Germany. Péricles Varella Gomes, cello and percussion from Curitiba, Brazil.

gayelynn keyboard player

Gayelynn began playing the drums at the age of two. She received much of her musical training in the Detroit Jazz scene but, she also obtained her Bachelor of Music degree from Oakland University. She has recorded projects with the group Straight Ahead, (which she is a cofounder of ) Ralphe Armstrong, Marcus Belgrave just to name a few and has recently recorded solo projects called “It’s About Time” and “McKinFolk The New Beginning”.

Performance includes: Gerard Gibbs – Keyboard, Ibrahim Jones – Bass, Trunino Lowe – Trumpet

kevin jones kevin sholar
damon warmack

Tenth World is a group formed by Kevin Jones and pianist/composer, Kelvin Sholar through a partnership created back in 1999 in New York City.

Performers include: Kevin Bujo Jones – Percussion, Congas, Djembe, Kelvin Sholar – Keys/piano, Nate Winn – Drums ,Damon Warmack – Bass, Allen Dennard – Trumpet, Ivan Akansiima – Guitar

reflections reflection in piano

                         Piano  Reflections Daylight

                                       Piano Reflections Nighttime