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social outdoor distancing concert larry McCray
mike eyia

Outdoor Social Distancing Concert featuring Larry McCray Band, Gospel groups Jalen Q Bell, Michelle Bell, Spoken Praise , Mike Eyia, Waldecker Brothers Band and Dave Dale was held at the Greater Lansing First Assembly Church Parking lot on July 19th, 2020. This concert was held after many months of limited outdoor music and social distancing rules were observed to promote safety and health. It had been several months of very limited music in the Greater Lansing area and this event was an attempt to overcome this phenomenon.


High Dynamic Gospel Music was Provided by Jalen Q Bell, Michelle Miller Bell, and Spoken Praise
larry  mccray band
larry mccray steve mccray

Larry McCray Band (Larry, lead, Steve McCray, Drums and Corey Ingram, Bass) Provided Sizzling Hot Blues

mike eyia

Mike Eyia Provided a Number of Slow Soulful Ballets Including "Into the Mystic " by Van Morrison

walldecker brothers

walldecker brothers drummer

walldecker brothers bass

Waldecker Brothers Performed Rock and Roll for the Event.

david dale

michelle bell

David Dale Special Guest Gospel Singer Michelle Miller Bell

duo in rain

umbrella paula
Despite the Initial Inclement Weather the Show Went on to the Enjoyment of the Audience